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  • A Ovulation Test Kit , a pocket microscope, intended for easily predicting Ovulation by means of saliva which allows to predict most fertile time of month to conceive or not to conceive.
  • During ovulation time, women experience a marked increase in the presence of oestrogen, which allows the ovum to be released from the ovary.
  • The estrogens surge is present in the women’s saliva, blood and urine. As the level of estrogens increases, the mineral salts in the saliva crystalize more easily. They can be viewed in the ferning pattern with Knovul Microscopic Kit.
  • First Step : Focus the device looking through the purple coloured area towards intense light.
  • Second step: Place a drop of saliva on the surface of the crystal on the white colored area. Allow the saliva sample to dry for 15 or 20 minutes. Try avoid creating air bubbles.
  • Third step: Once the saliva gets dried, look through the lens in the purple colored area of the device, towards an intense light.
  • Finally, take a photograph with the mobile phone, focus the camera up to the lens of the device through the purple colored area of the device.

For more detailed procedure, please read the product brochure