Picasona Agriculture Products Pvt. Ltd.

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The name derived with seed letters “AIM”, “HREEM” and “KREEM”. This seed letters are intended to be a symbol of perfection for perfect creation. The products planned in this division are personification of perfection, with the help of our own research group “GIOARKC”. The products derived from herbals and Phyto chemistry.


  • To bring products of our own perfect research
  • To produce small and single entrepreneurs
  • To make the products to reach every house
  • To produce highly innovative need oriented products
  • To see that every student becomes an earning member through "Earn while you learn" programme
  • To demonstrate the products by educating the lady entrepreneurs
  • To develop the business skills in young and up-coming entrepreneurs

To produce, search and research perfect products, and make them to reach every house by stimulating young and energetic entrepreneurs. To develop the business and marketing skills in students by producing part time jobs.


By appointing area wise franchises and number of business associates to work under each franchises.

By providing all kinds of full promotional inputs to make the products house hold.